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 Important Issues

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PostSubject: Important Issues   Fri Nov 21, 2008 11:23 am

we know the economy is teetering(an understatement).i can't say as i understand economics well either.Listen to the economic talking pundits on the news etc.
The more i hear the less i get it.

But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out something is going on.

The Rep and conservatives will definitely be keeping an eye on Obama.Some ppl see roses coming up when he takes office.(the obamazombies who think he is a god)

Other ppl think it will take time for him to work on it.(any excuse will do)

The rest of us know if he does what he seems to intend to it could make matters far worse.

In our poll MOST ppl said economy..the rest of the votes seem equally divided.

It's not a large pool of ppl(7)but i bet it's a pretty accurate reflection of where the majority of ppl are at.

JMHO from watching past administrations and issues of importance to John Q.Public what the voters consider important at one time drastically change at another.Especially when events come up and come up unexpectedly.

I also see that 14% considered abortion the top issue.This has been a key issue for conservatives/Republicans over the years.It's in the party's platform and we have always considered it very important.

To be honest-and i can only speak for myself-i have always considered this THE top issue.Beating out national security,taxes,health care and even now w/ the present economic conditions i still consider it THE top issue.

My major concern is that if the economy does turn around and obama of course gets the credit ppl will end up not as opposed to this administration as they might have been.

What if he actually does govern in a bipartisan fashion? I have my doubts but what if?
Then i'm really afraid abortion will go on the back burner.

The problem with Obama is that NONE of us,including his most ardent supporters,REALLY know what he is going to do,how he is going to govern and what policies he will actually try to implement.

He's always been a big question mark.We know that.He's an empty suit.
So it's hard to say.NOBODY knows what we're getting in this Obama package-we all know that it can't be good news.However,i am concerned that if it actually goes well that the party will kind of forget his abortion agenda.

We know that if it does go well he gets the credit.If it goes badly we also know he will blame Bush.He will use Bush to blame.Bush bashing is a national pastime and it works very well for these ppl.
Still,i am worried about his abortion agenda and for me that has always been THE issue.
I'm not writing off the other ones.Of course they're important.
I have to be honest and say none is more important to me than the abortion issue.I respect where everyone else is at in their list of what takes precedence.With ya on those.
I just feel more concerned about abortion than any other issue and i'm really so afraid it's going to be on the backburner for some time.

In a nutshell.i support the Rep party and the candidates who are pro life of course.I support conservative values-all of them.
I think Obama is bad news and McCain was the far better choice but my focus will always be on the abortion issue.
In fact my good friend of many years and i
share this same grave concern and we have begun pulling together a group at a forum we just revamped for pro life issues.


Of course i will focus on NOPOTUS and with it being in the hands of 2 gr8 admins will probably invest a great deal of time on the pro life agenda we've set out at people of life.

You folks are right on the ball here.We are going to be stepping things up a bit as far as things we can actually do and once that's underway i know that this movement will take off very well.

You guys will do terrific.So i may spend as much time at the People of Life group as here-and there will be times i will be spending more there.

I think the NOPOTUS group helps the other agenda as well.To the extent we keep an eye on Obama and not let him get away with anything-as well as not take our eyes off the ball in Congress-that helps the pro life movement as well. Perhaps,just perhaps,at some point Obama will be caught in something(we know he's corrupt)and at that point his admin will be history.SO the NOPOTUS group is a win-win for the pro life movement.

On the other hand the pro life movement has to focus on JUST the pro life issue and that's why eventually i will be stepping back here a tad when things are up and moving as well as we expect.And they will.
Huck's Army was a grass roots movement started by just 2 ppl.By sheer determination and a steadfast goal in mind( that they never waver from )it is amazing what they-with the army they gathered-accomplished.

Eventually,if we go along those same lines,we'll have more of an affect than you can imagine.So i have faith in you guyz and not the least bit concerned.Eventually i will be working on the pro life agenda more-but i know this group will be well on its way by then.

God Bless!

"The peace and welfare of this and coming generations of Americans will be secure only as we cling to the watchword of true patriotism: "Our country -- when right to be kept right; when wrong to be put right."Carl Schurz
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Important Issues
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